Cherry-Tarak Has Another Connection Too #RRR


Ram Charan and Rama Rao Jr are currently busy going to the outskirts of Hyderabad city every day, notfor a long drive, but to take part in the second schedule of much awaited bigbudgeted movie #RRR. With director giant Rajamouliat the helm, the film is expected to shatter box office with its casting itself.

The film’s shoot is underway in Alluminium factorywhere Rajamouli is canning crucial scenes on lead cast.

Unlikeregular practice, Rajamouli didn’t reveal story of RRR which is making moviebuffs curious to know the backdrop and characters of the lead cast. As per agrapevine, the film story takes place in two timelines- begins in 1940’s andthen shifts to current era (2019).

Itis learnt that, in 1940’s Charan will be seen as a wealthy Zamindar of hislocale, wherein NTR will be seen as a poor guy. They are thick friend in thetimeline. Then in present era, Charan and NTR will be seen as brothers. Ram Charanand Rama Rao Jr are currently busy going to the outskirts of

Well, there are too many speculations around the#RRR story and we have to see what Rajamouli is actually coming up with.